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Gogarth Climbing June 04
Bernese Oberland Tour

Hut to Hut Grimsel to Fafleralp
August 2002

 Day Three : Weisnollen 3595m

Today was supposed to be a easy day before going for the Finsteraarhorn tomorrow. But the Weisnollen has east facing slopes and consequently gets the sun as soon as it rises. After a short walk across the glacier from the hut, we donned crampons as the start of the climb was icy and did not have sufficient snow cover to provide steps.
Nigel brings up the rear going up the WeisnollenHowever, once we got in to the snow, it was soft - all the way and deep. So every step went in about a foot. It was knackering, but the way couldn't be moreGemschlicke pass over which we cameFinsteraarhorn from Weisnollen
From the summit (3590m) Konkordia is just below to the west and beyond is the Grosser Aletschfirn leading to the Hollandia hut, about 9kms away.

From the summitt over Konkordia to Hollandia hut Dots of parties at the Grunhornlucke col Finsteraarhorn from the summittThe weather wasn't brilliant, plenty of cloud around and to the east the Finsteraarhorn was covered.
On the way down Bill started his own tiny mini avalanche as we bounced downhill, but couldn't recreate it in order to film it!
Back at the hut we stocked up on water at CHF10 per 1.5litres (which was cheaper than last night at CHF12), though there is stream of water outside and I found out that putting Isostar powder into fizzy water makes a passable imitation of a volcano - to the great amusement of all present.
(Up at 7am, set off at 8.30pm, started climb at 9.10am, summit 12.45pm

David Mercer2002