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August 2002

  Day Five : Finsteraarhornhutte to Hollandia hut

There was no great rush today, although we had a long way to go. Over the Grunhornlucke to the Hollandiahutte was around 12.5km.
Descending from the hut, summit behind Down on to the Fieschergletscher and up to the col, the views back to the Finsteraarhorn were superb.The FinsteraarhornThe route we had taken yesterday was totally clear. Oh, that the weather had been like this then.
We turned to descend the Gruneggfirn to Konkordiaplatz. There was a stiff, chill wind blowing into our faces. Above us was the Weisnollen and we looked up to see whether, two days before, we could have descended from the summit to this col. Certainly, someone had ascended from here, but the initial section down from the summit did not look clear and we thought going up would be easier than going down.
Down the Gruneggfirn and across to HollandiaIt was great to stretch out and descend quickly. Opposite the stairway to the Konkordiahutte at 11am, we stopped for a break until 12am. A bite, a drink and some photographs. We were about to enter one of the greatest places in the mountains, the Konkordiaplatz.

Looking back up the Gruneggfirn Across Konkordiaplatz to Kranzberg The Jungfraufirn to the Jungfrau Dave, Konkordiapaltz and the Jungfrau
We started over Konkordiapaltz toward the Grosser Aletschfirn, a mile distant and quite crevassed, though quite safe to walk unroped.
Konkordiaplatz going east The Konkordiahutte is now high above today's ice level Bill walks toward Hollandia North to the Trugberg
It took ages to walk up the Grosser Aletschfirn, over 4 miles. Further up it, transverse crevasses blocked our way and we had to detour around them to the south.
The Lotschenlucke Tracks to the HollandiahutteThe hut sits on the shoulder on the north side of the Lotschenlucke. We walked onto the verrandah at 5pm, to be greeted by the guardienne holding a tray with a pot of fruit tea and three glasses. What a welcome! She had been watching our trip up the glacier for some time and knew we would appreciate a hot drink when we arrived. It was great.Nigel, Dave and Bill  on the col
This is a beautiful hut. With fresh new pine and eco-loos, there were only three other people in for the night and we had a whole dorm to ourselves. The thing about the Hollandiahutte is that most people entering the area from the west, the Lotschental, will usually carry on downhill to the Konkordiahutte rather than stay here.
We settled into the dorm, then went down to the dining room to rehydrate and to have a beer or two. Our guardienne was filling in for the resident guardienne, who was away for a couple of days. She was from Interlaken and, we soon found out, was a superb cook.




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